BLUE CLOUD Anti-Fatigue Stool Mat

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Anti-fatigue mat designed for use during long procedures to eliminate fatigue injuries such as back pain or sore feet. Anti-Microbial.
SKU: 80-1317

BLUE CLOUD Anti-Fatigue Stool Mat - Periods of standing on hard surfaces for long durations have a significant fatigue effect and general physical discomfort on the body which can result in injury. The shock absorbing technology of our mat will mitigate foot, leg and back pain, which ultimately impacts productivity and focus. This is an even greater issue for those in need of a step stool as they have restricted mobility.


- Grooved surface allows fluid to flow freely off the mat, which improves safety

- Anti-Microbial

- Anti Slip - both textured and with adhesive strips to secure to the stool

- Anti-Static

- Latex-free

- Single use (when used in the OR)