Laparoscopic surgical procedures often have problems with fogging. The Sterile Anti-fog Solution, GOLFF™, is the solution that sets the standard for all other products.

  • Ensures clearer vision and avoids unnecessary interruptions during surgery
  • Prevents the occurrence of fog on lenses
  • Adhesive sponge for secure placement which is radio opaque
  • Easy squeeze 6 mL bottle
  • OEM (available)
  • Latex free
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6ml bottle with sponge, 20/pack

WTFog - Reusable Anti-Fog Cloths

Prevent fogging on all types of eyewear. 30 packs come in dispenser box 100+ come as bulk packs. FREE SHIPPING ON ANY WTFOG ORDER! REUSABLE FOR 600 WIPES/6 MONTHS