Cleaning Wipes / Fluid Management

Various wipes for use across a wide range of applications from clean rooms to general hospital cleaning. 

- General wipes
- Strong wipes
- Dispenser Boxes and Refil Bags
- Microfibre Light - short term use. "Traps and Holds" 99.998% of microbes without transfering between surfaces
- Cleanroom 100 - specifically designed for the clean room environment.
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Sontara General Wipes

Wipes for use across a wide range of applications. Absorbent, Low-linting, Tough and durable, solvent and chemical resistant, Contains no chemical binders, Great dirt pick up.

Wipe Rolls

A large range of wipes suitable for wiping up spills across all types of environments. Available in a choice of colours, you can colour code them to different areas to help prevent cross contamination.

Cleaning Wipe Dispenser Boxes and Refil Bags

Easi-Wipe dispenser boxes and refil bags.

Microfibre Wipes/Cloths

Microfibre Light cloths trap bacteria within the cloth meaning that the bacteria is not carried over to the next surface. Designed for limited use to reduce the time spent by cleaning staff on non value added tasks.