Emesis Basins

Thanks to its unique properties, stainless steel is widely used throughout hospitals and healthcare facilities in numerous applications. Some of the many benefits of stainless steel include ease of cleaning, a non-porous surface and resistance to corrosion, even when repeatedly sanitized with harsh chemicals.

Not only is stainless steel a cost-effective alternative, it is also safer for the environment considering that it’s one of the most recyclable materials used in healthcare.

  • Stringent quality system ISO13488
  • 18/8 Stainless Steel (Series 304)
  • Superior craftsmanship and finish
  • Seamless construction
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Stainless Steel Cover For Emesis Basin H-0261, 6"

175mm x 100mm x 7mm

Stainless Steel Cover for Emesis Basin H-0264, 8"

210mm x 100mm x 7mm

Stainless Steel Cover for Emesis Basin H-0267, 10"

360mm x 125mm x 7mm

Stainless Steel Cover for Emesis Basin H-0270, 12"

315mm x 155mm x 10mm

Stainless Steel Emesis Basin, 10"

355mm x 290mm x 50mm

Stainless Steel Emesis Basin, 12"

310mm x 150mm x 60mm

Stainless Steel Emesis Basin, 6"

172mm x 95mm x 34mm

Stainless Steel Emesis Basin, 8"

208mm x 96mm x 40mm