We have a huge range of products to hep with anything to do with endoscopy. We have a huge range of channel cleaning brushes, cleaning sponges, bite blocks, transport bags, and lots of other accessories and consumables. Please call us for more information on any products or if you require samples.

All our products are latex-free, lead-free and DEHP-free.

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Cleaning Sponges with Enzymatic Detergents

Endoscope Cleaning Sponges with Detergent
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Enzymatic Detergents

Low Foam, Medium Foam, and Super Concentrate
From £17.65

Enzymatic Spray

32oz/1L Spray Bottle
From £11.95

Bite Blocks

Bite Blocks for Endoscopy
From £0.00

Instrument Transport Bag

Bags to easily separate cleaned and soiled instruments, especially endoscopes.
From £84.55

Endoscope First Clean Wipes

Cleanroom wipes for the first wipe down of an endoscope.
From £270.75