Speciality Brushes

The speciality brushes cover a wide range of functions that are not directly connected with instrument cleaning. These brushes can be used for more general cleaning around the medical environment with a variety of handle types and shapes for different functions.

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Double-Ended Speciality Cleaning Brush - Sparlon Bristles

Double-Ended Speciality Brush. Soak-proof cleaning brush. White sparlon bristles. Rosebud tip at one end. Latex-free. Sold non-sterile.

NEW Suction Well Brush

Suction Well Brush 11mm DIA x 9cm Long.

Finger Loop Speciality Cleaning Brush - Sparlon Bristles

Finger Loop Speciality Brush. White sparlon bristles with rosebud tip. Rigid wire with convenient finger loop. Latex-free. Sold non-sterile.

Speciality Hand & Nail Cleaning Brush

Speciality Hand & Nail Brush. Fine, stiff bristles provide a thorough but gentle cleaning action. Structural foam block is durable, comfortable, easy to grip when wet. Conveniently located hole for easy storage. Latex-free. Sold non-sterile.