Micro-Opthalmic Brush Assortment - Nylon Bristles

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One package (2/pkt) of each brush size. Latex-free. Sold non-sterile.
SKU: BR-4599

Includes one package of each of the following brushes:

(Brush Diameter x Brush Length x Overall Length)
2x BR-18-039 - Nylon Bristles - 1.0mm x 6mm x 45cm
2x BR-18-062 - Nylon Bristles - 1.58mm x 13mm x 45cm  
2x BR-18-070 - Nylon Bristles - 1.78mm x 13mm x 45cm
2x BR-18-087 - Nylon Bristles - 2.20mm x 13mm x 45cm
2x BR-18-105 - Nylon Bristles - 2.67mm x 25mm x 45cm
2x BR-18-125 - Nylon Bristles - 3.18mm x 51mm x 45cm
2x BR-18-158 - Nylon Bristles - 4.0mm x 19mm x 45cm
3x N-2100 - Nylon Toothbrush Style Brush - 7" Length